Joe Waldron

Vice President of Business Development

My name is Joe Waldron and I have attained a wealth of knowledge in the
Community Association arena over the past 35 years, 18 as a community
manager & 17 specializing as a community association Insurance Agent. I
have received the following designations; PCAM {Professional Community
Association Manager}; AMS {Association Management Specialist} and
CIRMS {Community Insurance Risk Management Specialist}. One of my
“Best” achievements in the industry was to be the first Tennessean &
Kentuckian to serve as a Board Trustee on the Community Association
Institute (CAI) National Board.

“I have always enjoyed working with people, and although no
two days have been the same in community association
management, the universal answer is communicating with
the Board Member’s & Homeowner’s in the most transparent
means possible.”